Seeking for an Oasis: A Struggling but Happy Mom

Happy-mom-and-childThere was a time when I thought that motherhood was not for me, that more than anything I want to travel around the world without anyone or anything stopping me from doing what I want. But when I got married and had my first child, there was no joy comparable to what I felt that time. However, it is not always rainbows and unicorns for me.

There was a phase of my child’s life that I experienced so much stress, when they would not stop crying in the middle of the night and you have done everything to quiet them down. There was also a certain time when I panicked since the baby was sick for a long time that when I rushed to the hospital, I thought that it was already too late.

Not only does stress affect our lives with them but babies are very precious, fragile, and vulnerable little creatures. You have to be very careful when feeding them, do the food contain the right nutritional value or is it okay to try a new type of milk for the baby or if the toy is safe for them to play with.

There were times that I found myself so exhausted that I wanted to have a one day break and watch a Blake Shelton concert. One day, the heavens granted me with that one wish in the form of my husband who understood all my struggles and wanted me to take a break for a day with my girlfriends. And so I went online and clicked the little button that said check here to book our tickets, we went to the spa and salon for a makeover, enjoyed the concert extremely, went to a coffee shop afterwards to just relax and talk, and then slept peacefully for eight hours.

It was indeed an oasis for me, but I realized that even if I needed that one day vacation I still missed taking care of my baby. I would want another break in a couple of months but not soon though. Taking care of my baby is still my number one priority and joy giver.

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