Nanny Cams are a Mom’s Best Friend

I’ve always been a junkie for live performances of my favorite artists. I always check here for tour schedules of my favorite country singer Justin Moore. So when I found out that he’s bound to a city near mine, I nearly jumped out of my seat.

I knew I had to go, but there’s no way I was going to leave my baby alone and unguarded with her nanny. I asked around my friends and they suggested that I buy a nanny cam.

What’s a Nanny Cam?

It’s simply a surveillance camera disguised as an ordinary-looking home appliance or furniture. For example, there are hidden cameras installed in wall clocks, alarm clocks, Wi-Fi routers, tissue boxes, iPod docks, teddy bears and many more. Place it strategically inside your home so you can see later how your nanny treated your baby.

Nanny Cams with Built-in DVR

For maximum convenience, I suggest you go for spy cams with built-in DVR. This means that the camera can record the footage without wire connections or any other separate installation. It has a physical memory or you can use a micro SD card to store the recorded footage.

There are also cameras with built-in transmitters that automatically transmit the footage to a separate recording device.

They’re Cheap, Too

You don’t have to worry about breaking your budget. There are surprisingly cheap hidden cameras out there, some starting at as low as $5.50. This particular camera is a tiny DV camera that can record high quality videos. It’s so tiny you can hide it anywhere you want. Place it among stuffed toys, pillows, furniture, anywhere.

In my case, I bought a mini alarm clock hidden camera because it had all the features I wanted. It had built-in DVR, can take colored 640×480 videos, time-stamp, can take pictures, a USB port, a 32GB memory capacity and a micro SD card slot, and a built-in lithium battery. It looks sleek too so it went well with my home’s interior design.

Even though I trusted my nanny, getting a spy cam gave me peace of mind as I went out to have fun. It’s a good investment you should try too.

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