Lowering the Fussiness Level

babyFor first time parents, having a baby can be quite daunting, especially if you live far from your own parents and have no one to ask when the baby is fussing. Thankfully, the Internet is always ready to help. Here are some reasons why babies are crying.

When Fussiness is Normal

There is a certain phase when babies are regularly fussy, whether you breastfeed them or not. Sometimes this occurs during the late afternoon or evening, some parents can even guess when the baby will fuss again. This starts at 2-3 weeks and will end during the baby’s 3rd to 4th months. So if your baby is fussing at regular intervals, do not overthink, just let them be. If your baby is fussing and it’s not at regular times, then it’s the time to worry.

Oversupply Causes Fussiness

When your baby receives too much milk or the opposite. They also feel overtiredness, overstimulation, discomfort, loneliness, etc. that could cause their fussiness. Other physical causes are diaper rash, thrush, sensitivity to food, and nipple confusion.

Simple Ways to Comfort the Baby

Change their diapers as often as you can because overdue diapers may cause pain especially for female babies. Do not forget to burp your baby once you are done nursing. Massaging or rubbing your baby’s back can also soothe and calm them, another good exercise when your baby starts to fuss. Reduce the stimulation of senses, make sure that the swaddle is right and the baby does not move too much, dim your lights and lower the volume.

Spoiling the Baby

Do not be afraid of spoiling the baby by holding it too much or giving them milk. The opposite is the effect; giving the baby’s needs would lead to less insecurity and the babies cry less. Needing their mothers is the same as their need for food so once you give them what you need they are easily contented.

Do Away With Stress

Female bodies have also a mechanism that they would feel uncomfortable when the baby cries. So once in awhile, have time for yourself and go out with friends as not to be overloaded with fussiness. Too much time with dealing with your baby might cause to harbor dislike. So go and check here for Bruno Mars’ next concert date to see with your girl friends. It is a fun and good way to de-stress.

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