Five Fun Things To Do with a New Born Baby

newborn-baby-oxcgn-3We all know we can’t expect a lot of interaction from a new born baby. But that doesn’t mean playing with them isn’t important. Here is a list of five fun things to do with your baby.

Show and Tell Game

Most of your playtime with the baby will be spent showing them stuff. Any object that won’t poison, electrocute, or hurt them is a fair game. Keep a little pile of objects beside you and sit with your baby. Show it to them one by one.

Dance with him/her

When babies get grumpy, and you did almost everything to calm them, nothing works as well as dancing with them. Put on some music, choose a song that they like and either put them in the sling or hold them in your arms. First do soft swaying.  If it works stay with it or if it doesn’t, swing her up and down. When your arms get tired, put your baby down and keep dancing. Silly exaggerated movements like shaking your butt are particularly funny to babies. Just don’t forget to close the curtains so the neighbors won’t see your silly dance moves.

Read them a book.

Don’t expect babies to really “get” books at this age. You’ll just know they’re enjoying them by their way of getting still and watchful.  Babies love looking at books and cuddling close to you, but they normally don’t care about the story itself.

The Diva Within

 You may have terrible voice but your kid doesn’t know. Your baby may love anything you sing, but you should know some classics.  Most babies like any song with movements — “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Patty-Cake,” are examples. You may feel silly at first, but as your infant gets into it, so will you.

Journey Into Mommy’s Closet

Dig into your closet and show your baby your brilliant plaid skirt, cashmere sweater, and your favorite jeans. Run soft or silky fabrics over their face, hands, and feet. In a few months, your baby will want to run their hands over anything beaded, embroidered, or embellished. You can even try putting on Katy Perry Costumes on her. But for now, she may just be content gazing in wonder.

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