Choosing the Best Color for a Nursery Room

nursery-room-for-baby-girl-3Researches prove that colors affect people differently, depending upon one’s age, gender, cultural background or even local climate. So when it comes to decorating, it’s important to know the color and choose wisely because room color gives a large influence in our moods and our thoughts.

Why not take an advantage of all this research and use it in your baby’s nursery? While your baby may not correctly identify colors yet, they will sooner and as those marketing executives have confirmed—color does affect us. Here’s a list of some colors and how it can help you choose the right paint color for your child’s nursery.

Red is bold and flashy.  It can work in a nursery as an accent but should be avoided wall to wall. Red is the “hottest” color and may invoke volatile personality traits to stand out.

Orange is a very comfy color. It promotes a welcoming feeling and inspires interpersonal conversation. Orange is friendly and puts difficulties at ease.

Yellow reminds us of a bright sunshine so use it with caution. Too bright yellow can agitate a baby. Subtle yellow stimulates concentration and emotive thoughts.

You can’t go wrong with green. It is considered to be one of the best colors in decorating because of its abundance in nature. It is the best color to apply in a learning environment, too. It stimulates tranquillity of thinking and attentiveness. It is also very calming, natural and serene.

People say that if you want to sleep, look at something blue. It is calming, but be careful with the shade. Bluish-gray can lean towards sadness, hence the expression “feeling blue”. In the nursery, use warm or bright blue but avoid overusing it. Blue is cooling, which is great for a baby who gets warm easily.

Pink is the universal color of all things girly that’s why little girls love it.  It is very calming as well, predominantly with children who are prone to throwing tantrums. It’s free to go nuts with pink in a girl’s room.

White is sweet, serene and angelic but may also promote secrecy. Use splashes of color along with your favourite antique white furniture to encourage emotion and openness. It’s like mixing up old (antique) and new (your baby).

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