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Five Fun Things To Do with a New Born Baby

newborn-baby-oxcgn-3We all know we can’t expect a lot of interaction from a new born baby. But that doesn’t mean playing with them isn’t important. Here is a list of five fun things to do with your baby.

Show and Tell Game

Most of your playtime with the baby will be spent showing them stuff. Any object that won’t poison, electrocute, or hurt them is a fair game. Keep a little pile of objects beside you and sit with your baby. Show it to them one by one.

Dance with him/her

When babies get grumpy, and you did almost everything to calm them, nothing works as well as dancing with them. Put on some music, choose a song that they like and either put them in the sling or hold them in your arms. First do soft swaying.  If it works stay with it or if it doesn’t, swing her up and down. When your arms get tired, put your baby down and keep dancing. Silly exaggerated movements like shaking your butt are particularly funny to babies. Just don’t forget to close the curtains so the neighbors won’t see your silly dance moves.

Read them a book.

Don’t expect babies to really “get” books at this age. You’ll just know they’re enjoying them by their way of getting still and watchful.  Babies love looking at books and cuddling close to you, but they normally don’t care about the story itself.

The Diva Within

 You may have terrible voice but your kid doesn’t know. Your baby may love anything you sing, but you should know some classics.  Most babies like any song with movements — “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Patty-Cake,” are examples. You may feel silly at first, but as your infant gets into it, so will you.

Journey Into Mommy’s Closet

Dig into your closet and show your baby your brilliant plaid skirt, cashmere sweater, and your favorite jeans. Run soft or silky fabrics over their face, hands, and feet. In a few months, your baby will want to run their hands over anything beaded, embroidered, or embellished. You can even try putting on Katy Perry Costumes on her. But for now, she may just be content gazing in wonder.

Helping Your Kids Become Smarter

When it comes to my children, I don’t believe that they can no longer be smarter; that the capacities of their minds are just as they were born. To tell you the truth, I know they can be smarter when you let them explore other things rather than just letting them grasp what’s in their surroundings (read: their room).

Guide Their Television Experience

Sure, you shouldn’t let them watch shows which shouldn’t be seen by kids; but there are lots of channels where they’ll see what life has to offer. If you have time, spend time with them while watching National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel. There, they’ll be able to learn about the environment, animals, and what actually happens in the world. It’s okay even if they do not understand much about the show. What is important is that they will become accustomed to those shows sooner or later. You might also want to bring them to a comedy show. There, your kids will be faced with new surroundings and different people. For that, get your tickets at But of course, watch with them, as there should always be parental guidance.

Let Them Explore

I have heard other people say that kids shouldn’t be brought to other countries while they’re still young because it’s just useless. They say it’s useless because it’s very costly and the kids wouldn’t even remember it once they grow up. For me, I prefer bringing my children to different places because I want them to be able to explore at a very young age. I actually call myself lucky because airlines with promos exist. With that, I am able to book cheap flights without having to worry much. I love how this site has especially helped me in dealing with my family’s trips. As a result, I know that my kids learn from the trips at a very young age.

Only Give Healthy Food

Just like any other parent should do, you should always give your kids vitamins and proper medication when they’re sick. To make them healthier, make sure you also give them the right amount of healthy food – fruits, vegetables, milk, water, and meat. These will provide them the energy they need for the day. With just this simple step, you are already helping your children become smarter!

Also, if you’re willing to go the extra mile (well of course you are!), allow them to choose the food they want at least once a week so they do not feel deprived.

Nanny Cams are a Mom’s Best Friend

I’ve always been a junkie for live performances of my favorite artists. I always check here for tour schedules of my favorite country singer Justin Moore. So when I found out that he’s bound to a city near mine, I nearly jumped out of my seat.

I knew I had to go, but there’s no way I was going to leave my baby alone and unguarded with her nanny. I asked around my friends and they suggested that I buy a nanny cam.

What’s a Nanny Cam?

It’s simply a surveillance camera disguised as an ordinary-looking home appliance or furniture. For example, there are hidden cameras installed in wall clocks, alarm clocks, Wi-Fi routers, tissue boxes, iPod docks, teddy bears and many more. Place it strategically inside your home so you can see later how your nanny treated your baby.

Nanny Cams with Built-in DVR

For maximum convenience, I suggest you go for spy cams with built-in DVR. This means that the camera can record the footage without wire connections or any other separate installation. It has a physical memory or you can use a micro SD card to store the recorded footage.

There are also cameras with built-in transmitters that automatically transmit the footage to a separate recording device.

They’re Cheap, Too

You don’t have to worry about breaking your budget. There are surprisingly cheap hidden cameras out there, some starting at as low as $5.50. This particular camera is a tiny DV camera that can record high quality videos. It’s so tiny you can hide it anywhere you want. Place it among stuffed toys, pillows, furniture, anywhere.

In my case, I bought a mini alarm clock hidden camera because it had all the features I wanted. It had built-in DVR, can take colored 640×480 videos, time-stamp, can take pictures, a USB port, a 32GB memory capacity and a micro SD card slot, and a built-in lithium battery. It looks sleek too so it went well with my home’s interior design.

Even though I trusted my nanny, getting a spy cam gave me peace of mind as I went out to have fun. It’s a good investment you should try too.

Choosing the Best Color for a Nursery Room

nursery-room-for-baby-girl-3Researches prove that colors affect people differently, depending upon one’s age, gender, cultural background or even local climate. So when it comes to decorating, it’s important to know the color and choose wisely because room color gives a large influence in our moods and our thoughts.

Why not take an advantage of all this research and use it in your baby’s nursery? While your baby may not correctly identify colors yet, they will sooner and as those marketing executives have confirmed—color does affect us. Here’s a list of some colors and how it can help you choose the right paint color for your child’s nursery.

Red is bold and flashy.  It can work in a nursery as an accent but should be avoided wall to wall. Red is the “hottest” color and may invoke volatile personality traits to stand out.

Orange is a very comfy color. It promotes a welcoming feeling and inspires interpersonal conversation. Orange is friendly and puts difficulties at ease.

Yellow reminds us of a bright sunshine so use it with caution. Too bright yellow can agitate a baby. Subtle yellow stimulates concentration and emotive thoughts.

You can’t go wrong with green. It is considered to be one of the best colors in decorating because of its abundance in nature. It is the best color to apply in a learning environment, too. It stimulates tranquillity of thinking and attentiveness. It is also very calming, natural and serene.

People say that if you want to sleep, look at something blue. It is calming, but be careful with the shade. Bluish-gray can lean towards sadness, hence the expression “feeling blue”. In the nursery, use warm or bright blue but avoid overusing it. Blue is cooling, which is great for a baby who gets warm easily.

Pink is the universal color of all things girly that’s why little girls love it.  It is very calming as well, predominantly with children who are prone to throwing tantrums. It’s free to go nuts with pink in a girl’s room.

White is sweet, serene and angelic but may also promote secrecy. Use splashes of color along with your favourite antique white furniture to encourage emotion and openness. It’s like mixing up old (antique) and new (your baby).

Haunted Places Are Cool in McFarland

tosh01There are various ways to scare people. In fact some people loves being scared to the extent. That’s why several TV shows and movies have a haunting theme that is a favorite by several movie makers and producers. Take for an example the Miami Zombie Attack prank made by a guy named Vitaly Zdorovetskiy featured in one of the episode of Daniel Tosh’s “Tosh.0” (To know if Daniel’s visiting McFarland, go visit to know more about the comedian’s future tours.)

6a00e552403d2f883301a73d9c4467970d-500wiHaunting theme is such a hit that even musicians use words like “horror, ghost, and haunting. One example is a song by Justin Moore. In his song ““That’s How I Know You Love Me” There’s one line saying “while you kiss away the ghosts“. (Click this link to keep you updated on Justin Moore Tour)

Several people love to go to haunted places. They want to go to certain haunted places where the restless ghosts of the night linger. McFarland has different ghost stories, too. The kind of stories that will linger in the back of your mind and jump out at you. These are the places, through the years of experiences and horrifying reputation, that are considered the most haunted place throughout McFarland.


A post from real ghost stories said “‘I’ve heard that Elmo Highway is haunted by a woman in a white gown that floats around by the bridge.I have never seen her but that what people say.”


“At my aunts house down on Fernwood is haunted, too. A little boy appeared to die there. My little brother, my Grandma, and dad have seen it. My grandma said she will hear that little boy cry at three or four in the morning by her bedroom door. No lie, true sh*t. ”


“My sister worked at a home for the elderly in Mast Ave., McFarland . I believe it is the big house on the corner on Taylor. She said she’d see black shadows. And the people who worked there had some experiences, too.”


“My sister worked at the prison on Taylor Street. She have never seen anything but their C.O’s would say they would see a black shadow jumping over the fence.”