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Haunted Places Are Cool in McFarland

tosh01There are various ways to scare people. In fact some people loves being scared to the extent. That’s why several TV shows and movies have a haunting theme that is a favorite by several movie makers and producers. Take for an example the Miami Zombie Attack prank made by a guy named Vitaly Zdorovetskiy featured in one of the episode of Daniel Tosh’s “Tosh.0” (To know if Daniel’s visiting McFarland, go visit to know more about the comedian’s future tours.)

6a00e552403d2f883301a73d9c4467970d-500wiHaunting theme is such a hit that even musicians use words like “horror, ghost, and haunting. One example is a song by Justin Moore. In his song ““That’s How I Know You Love Me” There’s one line saying “while you kiss away the ghosts“. (Click this link to keep you updated on Justin Moore Tour)

Several people love to go to haunted places. They want to go to certain haunted places where the restless ghosts of the night linger. McFarland has different ghost stories, too. The kind of stories that will linger in the back of your mind and jump out at you. These are the places, through the years of experiences and horrifying reputation, that are considered the most haunted place throughout McFarland.


A post from real ghost stories said “‘I’ve heard that Elmo Highway is haunted by a woman in a white gown that floats around by the bridge.I have never seen her but that what people say.”


“At my aunts house down on Fernwood is haunted, too. A little boy appeared to die there. My little brother, my Grandma, and dad have seen it. My grandma said she will hear that little boy cry at three or four in the morning by her bedroom door. No lie, true sh*t. ”


“My sister worked at a home for the elderly in Mast Ave., McFarland . I believe it is the big house on the corner on Taylor. She said she’d see black shadows. And the people who worked there had some experiences, too.”


“My sister worked at the prison on Taylor Street. She have never seen anything but their C.O’s would say they would see a black shadow jumping over the fence.”