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A Closer Look at Kansas Behind What You Hear on the News

There seems to be no good news coming out of Kansas these days. Since Governor Brownback has decided to make Kansas the guinea pig for all his fiscally conservative principles, it has gotten a lot worse. The state is now among the poorest in the country. It also lacks funds to support basic education. It has cut funds for various basic services.

This is a product of the governor’s friendliness to corporations. He still insists that trickle-down economics works even if evidence suggests otherwise. More people are leaving the state and it seems to be buried in this condition unless the governor is replaced and the state is willing to let go of its fiscally conservative principles in exchange of something that works for everyone.

Though it seems like it is just bad news after another for Kansas, the truth is that there is also good news that came out of the state. To begin with, fundraisers are all over the place just to help poor schools make ends meet. There were volunteers who have given their time in rebuilding schools or have donated money just to help out.

Specialists in various industries have also given some of their time to help retrain those who have lost their jobs so they can find a new job and be able to feed their families. The state has started to move on its own considering that their governor has failed to address their needs. This is despite calls to change the course of his policies.

Local officials, both Democrats and Republicans, have also started to unite against the policies of Gov. Brownback. His ratings have dropped down drastically to a point that if the election were held tomorrow, he would surely lose, regardless of who his opponent is.

People are coming back

Native of Kansas are starting to come back not because the state is improving, but because they feel that they are needed by the state now more than ever. In their own ways, they have contributed in order to help those who have nothing and keep them afloat.

They have also volunteered to help build structures that are essential for the growth and development of the city. They have done whatever they possibly could just to prevent the crisis from escalating.

You can also see rainwater tanks installed in some areas around the state. They have contributed to install those tanks to help provide drinking water to those who have problems with their pipes. There are experts in installing these tanks who have offered their services for free. There are plumber Campbelltown SA as well just in case you reside in Adelaide and you are curious of how it works.

Yes, there is hope for Kansas despite the governor being numb to the calls of the people. He will still be in office for a few more years and his policies will most likely remain. A conservative governor will still replace him, but it is good to know that locals are doing something to make Kansas a better place.